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With a family spread across two continents and a career as a globe trotting television producer, Justin brings a unique international perspective to stand up through which he can talk about his experiences, the world and why he'd rather go to prison in Norway than live in Alabama.

Justin is currently in production on multiple documentary series for Netflix and ABC. Last summer, he served as the Co-Executive Producer on Bravo's new comedy reality series, 'Welcome to Crappie Lake.' Previously he was the Executive Producer on the new HGTV series 'Freestyled.' He has written, directed and produced for networks including Netflix, Comedy Central, and MSNBC and has written jokes for comedians including Neil Patrick Harris, Paul Rudd and JB Smoove.


The 2020's were the years Justin rode the Netflix train to employment town. His most recent series was a documentary about the future, called 'The Future Of.' Prior to that, he was the Co-Executive Producer on the  Netflix travel series, 'World's Most Amazing Vacation Rentals." In his pre-streaming life, Justin was the supervising producer on multiple comedy shows, including the BET late night show '50 Central' and the Comedy Central pilot 'This Week At The Comedy Cellar' which was picked up to series.

In addition to performing at clubs, theaters and festivals across the US, Justin has toured South Africa, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Scotland, Ireland, Estonia and Japan. He performed at the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the 2018 Melbourne Comedy Festival and he's been seen on Late Night with Seth Meyers, BET, TruTV, Travel Channel, Discovery ID and SiriusXM.


Whether he’s discussing cell phone addiction or that time he accidentally went on a date with a man in India, you're guaranteed a unique voice and sentences that end with strong punctuation?

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